Emotional Freedom Techniques - ‘EFT Tapping’

‘EFT is a practical self-help method that involves using the fingers to gently tap on the body's acupuncture points along the meridian lines of Chinese medicine.

It is often referred to as ‘EFT Tapping’ or simply as ‘Tapping’.

The therapeutic effects of this technique are recognized around the world. One can use EFT tapping for anxiety, weight loss issues, pain, stress and many other issues.’ - EFT International

‘An alternative therapy for anxiety, PTSD, and some other conditions…a 2019 study [revealed that] participants experienced significant reductions in anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms, as well as in pain levels and cravings. 

They also reported improvements in happiness.’ - Medical News Today

Although EFT is a self-help strategy, it is advisable to seek a professionally trained EFT practitioner to assist you with your tapping.

This could be a single session, it could be a few, or it could be part of long-term therapeutic work.

I am a student member of EFT International and can deliver EFT sessions in person as well as online.

Please contact me for further information.